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Kolkata-based Soumen is a mechanical engineer by day and a self-taught paranormal investigator by night. He was attracted to the paranormal during spiritual classes in his school where ‘soul’ was an often-repeated word. Like Tiwari, he too believes that ghosts are human consciousness. “Ghosts do not appear in white saris as most people have come to believe from movies. Their paranormal activity is nothing but an attempt to complete the task they couldn’t complete in their lifetime. This generally happens when someone dies in an accident,” says Somen, who founded the Paranormal Society of India (PRSI) along with a lawyer friend. 

Has the Robinson Street plot rekindled your childhood interest in ghosts? Are you dying for a weekend trip to a haunted house accompanied by ‘experts’ to feel the presence of spirits? Your wait may be finally over.

Taking advantage of the heightened interest among people about ghosts and spirits in Bengal after the discovery of skeletons in the Robinson House Street, the city-based Paranormal Research Society has firmed up plans to take tourists on spooky trips.

In the dead of night, we enter the darkened bathroom of a Calcutta businessman's house. It's pitch black inside, so much so the sudden light of a torch makes me jump.

My two companions, on the other hand, are already setting up their equipment, their motions precise and practised. They place a bunch of electronic gadgets at various points, and put an instrument they call the K2 meter behind the washbasin, right up against the mirror. After all, that's where the trouble has been reported to be coming from.

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