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Paranormal Research society | Kolkata, India |  Ghost Walk and Paranormal Investigation Specialist

Systematic Paranormal Investigation, Research and Intelligence Team (SPIRIT) is kolkata based paranormal research body originated from Paranormal research society (India)

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Ghost walk Kolkata, India (New Event)

Adventurous And Educational weekend trips at haunted places that may spook you out.

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Systematic Paranormal Investigation, Research and Intelligence Team (SPIRIT)


•SPIRIT is a group of talented, professional, likeminded, individuals who have set out together to research and learn about the paranormal.

•We are non-profit and self-contributed team. We provide FREE service to our client.

•We are not any so-called TANTRIK or spiritual healer. Basically, we help people who are experiencing paranormal activity by investigating its claim in a professional and confidential manner using the latest paranormal research equipments and techniques.

•We don’t promote ghost, spirit or black magic. We find the reason behind the paranormal event or paranormal phenomenon.

• We are not doctor and we don’t provide any type of treatment.

• We don't provide any courses in the name of paranormal science.

• We don’t remove evil spirit from your house.

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Is Your House haunted?

We Provide 

Free Investigation


Call - 8902540942

Are you concerned that you hear footsteps on stairs or hallways or in your attic?  Do you feel cold spots or experience odd smells? Do you hear faint voices or your name being called – and no one is around?  Do you have the feeling of being watched or other strong feelings of dread in a certain room?  Do your appliances turn on and off?  Do items disappear and reappear for no reason? Do you see odd shadows or strange lights? Do your children claim to see or talk to someone who is not there?  If you said “yes” to any of these questions, your home may be haunted – and you have come to the right place.

The most popular myths busted by our core team investigation. No head less body, no foot steps, no any others mystery associated with this beautiful location. Only folklore is there. 

Some possible explanation by paranormal investigator Mr. Soumen Roy.

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Interview  On Red FM

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