A City Based Paranormal Research Society (SPIRIT) Systematic Paranormal Investigation, Research and intelligence Team |  Kolkata, India

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Shadow Detector / EMF Technolory

Sound Analyzer / Infrared Technolory 

Night Vision / Laser Grid and Others.

How do you detect paranormal phenomena? Not with an Android or iPhone at least not yet. Paranormal investigators enlist an unusual array of equipment: Favorite gadgets range from the simple thermometers and compass levels to the complex and expensive infrared thermal cameras and ultrasonic listening devices.

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Our team is well-trained and experienced paranormal researchers are serious about helping people and their families who are experiencing paranormal activity in their lives. 

We use the latest paranormal research equipment and techniques.

Our services are FREE and we will never ask a client for payment. If you are experiencing paranormal activity and need our help, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Call +918961500323

Email - admin@paranormalactivity.in

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1. Are you concerned that you hear footsteps on stairs or hallways or in      your attic? 

2.Do you feel cold spots or experience odd smells? Do you hear faint            voices or your name being called – and no one is around?  
3.Do you have the feeling of being watched or other strong feelings of         dread in a certain room?  
4. Do your appliances turn on and off?  
5. Do items disappear and reappear for no reason? 
6.Do you see odd shadows or strange lights? 
7.Do your children claim to see or talk to someone who is not there?  

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, your home may be haunted and you have come to the right place.


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By completing the below media request form, you agree that you will use the materials requested for the express purpose listed in the form.  The SPIRIT retains an exclusive right to any materials provided to the requester, and may revoke this right at any time if it is determined that the material was not used for purpose intended.  If the requester wishes to reuse material for another purpose, a new Media Request must be submitted.

If you wish to produce your own media at any of our facilities or events, then you agree to provide the Systematic Paranormal Investigation Research and Intelligence Team – SPIRIT a final copy of any print or digital materials for our use. Request from filming need prior approval from SPIRIT and you will be sent an email confirming that your requested date & time are available. Please Fill in the Form Completely. 

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