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Paranormal Research society, Kolkata | SPIRIT | Kolkata

Systematic Paranormal Investigation, Research and Intelligence Team (SPIRIT), Kolkata is a leading Non-Profit paranormal investigation team in India, with all latest technology and equipment used for paranormal research today. 

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Ghost walk Kolkata, India (New Event)

Adventurous And Educational weekend trips at haunted places that may spook you out.

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About Us-

SPIRIT, Kolkata  investigate and research at haunted places in India in a scientifically way using the electronic gadgets to know what is the reason for the place called to be haunted............

We are Research on hauntings. Try to capture evidence of ghosts and to 'debunk' so called hauntings using Electronic Gadgets and rational scientific explanations 


Our Mission -

Our Mission is to provide FREE professional, comprehensive, and educational services to general public in an effort to better understand paranormal events relating to haunting.


To encourage students interested in paranormal research, studies and research on haunting etc.

To provide FREE education to the general public irrespective of caste, creed, sex, and religion on the science of paranormal research and its findings.

We have developed this website to assist those who are seeking information regarding haunting, cryptozoology,UFO, Alien, Etc. We hope you find this site informative.

If there is any information you would like to see on this site please write to us at

Our Investigation Team

Systematic Paranormal Investigation, Research and Intelligence Team (SPIRIT) is a group of talented professional likeminded individuals that have set out to research and learn about the paranormal together to assist our community

Our Paranormal Community

'HauntedKolkata' is a paranormal social networking community and information portal designed to bring together those interested in the paranormal. We are here to provide support for paranormal investigation groups and interested people, to supply information to researchers and the general public and media alike. We are not promoting supernatural being a reality, We promote the research on paranormal phenomena.

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