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'SPIRIT' 'Systematic Paranormal Investigation, Research and Intelligence Team' (SPIRIT) is a group of talented, professional, likeminded, individuals, who have set out to research and learn about the paranormal together to assist our community with all latest technology and equipment used for paranormal research today. To provide scientific explanation for claiming of the paranormal in order to alleviate the fear and misunderstanding of the unknown event in the society.

•SPIRIT is a group of talented, professional, likeminded, individuals who have set out together to research and learn about the paranormal.

•We are non-profit and self-contributed team. We provide FREE service to our client.

•We are not any so-called TANTRIK or spiritual healer. Basically, we help people who are

 experiencing paranormal activity by investigating its claim in a professional and confidential manner using the latest paranormal research equipments and techniques.

•We don’t promote ghost, spirit or black magic. We find the reason behind the paranormal event or paranormal phenomenon.

• We are not doctor and we don’t provide any type of treatment.

• We don't provide any courses in the name of paranormal science.

• We don’t remove evil spirit from your house.

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About Ghost Walk

Ghost Walk and Dark History Tours Kolkata is an interactive investigation based tour conducted only weekend. We pride ourselves with offering the community and tourists alike, a True, researched, and Educational Experience.
Mr.Soumen Roy has been developed the concept first time in India. He has appeared on a number of TV series including National TV channel. The tours are conducted by Soumen Roy and his team of expert guides.

Up coming Tour

Dow Hill Kurseong
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