A Citi Based Paranormal Research Society (SPIRIT) Systematic Paranormal Investigation, Research and intelligence Team |  Kolkata, India

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Team 'SPIRIT' always seeking members who meet the following criteria:-


1. Any literate man woman of the society irrespective of cast, creed, sex      and religion willing to pay a project membership fee per month/annum.

2. Student interested in paranormal research, studies and research on haunting.

3. We provide free online courses, members must be agreed with our self study concept through our free library.

4. Must have ability to bear own transportation for awareness camp/ UFO camp/ tour /meet up etc.

5. Applicant must be above 18 years.

6. Applicants must produce acceptable identification and proof of       residency.

7. Applicants must be physically and mentally fit.

8. No criminal record.

9. Applicants must be GENUINE and SERIOUS interest in the science of paranormal.

10. We have ZERO tolerance policy – Offensive behavior, language or violence of protocol will NOT be tolerated and you will be dismissed from the group / working under project.


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This is the golden opportunity to work with ‘Team S P I R I T’ as a volunteer member. This year we are going to recruit few volunteer members from different parts of Bengal to fulfill the area gap. 
The members will be considered as trainee. Trainee paranormal Investigator works within a team that provides a systematic investigation into supposed paranormal phenomena. 

Responsible for:


* The collection, analysis, interpretation of data obtained on both private and public locations. 
* Maintaining security and confidentiality of data obtained 
* Actively research new and emerging theories in science as it pertains to paranormal research
* Use and knowledge of equipment used within the association 
* Obeying all primary protocols 
* Assisting Core members in all requested tasks 

Desired qualification: - 


Science background preferred/ Photography or videographer diploma/Sound technician etc.


Age limit: - 18 years above 


Membership Fees – Rs. 5000/- First year (second years onward – 1000/- per annum)


Recruitment process: - Personal interview only. 


Systematic paranormal investigation research and intelligence team (SPIRIT) is an international collective of like-minded individuals and paranormal organizations that studies and records paranormal phenomenon throughout the world. The series of processes and procedures developed over many years of combined experiences has created a methodology designed to create a single mind in the field of anomalous research and investigation.


When you become a member of ‘systematic paranormal investigation research and intelligence team (SPIRIT),’ you agree to follow our simple guidelines. Our team founded for a quintessential unified process for collaborating information that may one day define what we do as an ‘anomalous’ science.


We enjoy what we do and we all do it well. However, we still maintain our objectivity by understanding, it’s not a game. Although we find it can  be quite exciting, we are not weekend thrill seeking ‘ghost hunters.’ Our guidelines are designed to define how we operate. Therefore compliance to our guidelines is essential, and any member violating them will be expelled from the project, and possibly from our team.  

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